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A fitting party for a pioneer: Helen’s retirement dinner

    A Fitting Party With Full of Surprises

    Life should not be seen as something linear. There are multiple starts and several ends. Even a baby’s entry into the world is marked only when it starts to let out a gentle cry. From a working man’s perspective, the thought of retirement may come across as something dreaded rather than welcomed. And who wouldn’t think so? As leaving behind what one has loved and worked on for years is easier said than done

    Helen was surprised on the retirement gift given to her  from the Cadsourcing.
       Cadsourcing made sure Helen knew that life was about to get even better for her.

    Back in 2012 when Cadsourcing started its operations in Cebu, Philippines, the company established a core which included two drafters and site engineer Helen T. Fernandez. Helen, for her part, tremendously contributed to the company’s success from then until today. From those two drafters, the company grew to over 50—thanks to five years of Helen’s impeccable management skills.


    In Sept. 30, 2017, Cadsourcing and TOSI hosted a retirement party for Helen at the Royal Garces Garden in Cebu, Philippines. Indeed, it was a night full of fun and surprises. The program featured song and dance numbers; colleagues gave their heartfelt messages for Helen; the company’s presented Helen with a gift; and a special dinner was served for the entire team.


    Cadsourcing’s chief executive officer Bryan Luoma, together with the company’s management team, took the time off from their busy schedules to join on the fun via an online video call from the United States.


    The highlight of the night, however, belonged to Helen as she gave her message and addressed each member of the team. To make things even more special, Helen’s entire family was present during the gathering.


    Helen’s brilliance and guidance have always inspired the company to do better. Helen was not only a site manager but also a mentor and friend as well. Her presence will be missed but for sure, her words of wisdom will continue to inspire the company moving forward.

    Congratulations on your retirement, Helen, and we wish you well.


    Helen Fernandez received a portrait of herself

    Helen’s portrait as her surprise gift from Cadsourcing.

    Farewell party of Helen Fernandez with Tahche and Cadsourcing staff

    The team celebrating with Helen’s Retirement Party.

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