Bryan Luoma is the Founder & CEO of Cadsourcing, which provides CAD (Computer Assisted Drafting) Outsourcing Services across the globe. As an industry transformer, Bryan is continuously building a socially responsible company that follows the best practices of B-Corp principles to integrate his business with a higher purpose to help others build stronger communities, and affect positive change in the world.

Cadsourcing employs over 50 people in their Philippines specialized CAD drafting office, as well as a growing team of US project managers, sales staff, and executives. With aggressive expansion plans in the Philippines, Cadsourcing is forming a collective culture that aligns personal and company values for the betterment of generations to come.

Why the Philippines? The easy answer could be that the Philippines is a leading player in the business of outsourcing, but strip away the traditional mindset and negative perception and you’ll find a more ethical and personal reason.

Bryan CEO and Founder of Cadsourcing

“Through Cadsourcing, my ambition for the business was more than just an idea to make money. It was a fulfillment of a sense of duty to help my family in the Philippines and, if successful, help the entire community at the same time. I had a dream to start a business and ultimately felt that providing long standing meaningful jobs would be a greater benefit than any money I could handout.” – Bryan E. Luoma, Founder and CEO, Cadsourcing

His WHY goes deep.

Cebu is the birthplace of Bryan Luoma’s mother who immigrated to the US in 1975 with a dream to raise her kids in the US and to some day help their extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins in the Philippines. He understands and cares deeply about the hardships and external forces they face due to underemployment, lack of education, environmental health issues, and poverty.

Born and raised in a blue collar mining community in Northern Minnesota, Bryan graduated high school and came east for college, where he attended Rutgers University and earned a degree in Civil Engineering. Given his entrepreneurial spirit, Bryan had always hoped to run his own company one day, and as chance would have it, the opportunity would come 15 years later in 2011, from 8,000 miles away.

As Bryan joined the workforce, he became Facebook friends with a cousin there, who was also a Civil Engineer.  After seeing a plan his cousin posted for a gas station in the Philippines, Bryan realized that it was on par with what he had drafted for an Exxon station in New Jersey.

An idea hatched to join forces.  Bryan would bring in the projects and his cousin would help to draft them. As more projects ramped up, Bryan began to moonlight, working most nights until 2:00 AM in order to manage his small team in the Philippines while working the 50+ hours per week typical of a professional engineer in today’s society.

The business grew quickly, and in 2012 an opportunity came from an engineering firm in New Jersey to draft 1,000 Sprint cell towers across the upper midwest of the US.  This project would be more than Bryan could handle while working his day job and a decision had to be made. Bryan decided to leave his day job.  He had a new company to run called Cadsourcing!

This first iteration of Cadsourcing was an authentic, grassroots venture that could probably never be replicated. As operations grew, Bryan proudly added more family members to the staff as well as additional drafters. He felt a deep sense of gratitude to his counterparts in the Philippines and wanted to help them live happy, well-rounded lives that would retain their cultural values.

With compassion and integrity, Bryan created a blueprint to foster sustainable community support on a global scale.  By offering his employees a fair living wage, health benefits, medical and family leave, sick days, paid time-off, vacation and family bereavement, he had only just started to tip the scale.

Currently in Cebu, Cadsourcing has become a hotbed for qualified engineering graduates of local colleges. And Cadsourcing has a developed a scholarship program to assist underprivileged students in its community.  They also provide monetary and in-kind donations with plans towards advancing school infrastructure improvements, equipment, and a variety of new educational spaces.

Bryan is creating jobs that empower his employees to thrive.  He is guiding his company with purpose by offering hands-on leadership, education programs, professional and personal development (i.e. English language courses), internal advancement programs towards management, and progressive technical training.

The company advocates a culture of caring and is currently developing civic engagement and volunteer initiatives that come full-circle to inspire employees to give back to their communities. They have also partnered with the Kiva organization to offer micro-loans for local women entrepreneurs in the region.  To date Cadsourcing has proudly provided over 65 such micro loans.

Bryan chooses to create influence every day and share his ideas about responsible outsourcing.  Not only is he is bridging the cultural gap between the US and Philippines, but he is lifting the stigma to reveal a new conversation about how global business practices can be done with integrity and compassion.

Bryan E. Luoma, P.E., LEED AP
Founder and CEO, Cadsourcing
Phone: (888) 851-2047

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