Advantages of CAD For The Construction Industry

Advantages of CAD For The Construction Industry

    Several Advantages CAD Can Bring To Your Construction Project

    Computer Aided Design has helped revolutionize many different industries, from electrical engineering to civil engineering. For example, in the civil industry, computer aided design has offered collaborative alternatives to manual construction drafting. Technical drawings used to done in a painstaking manual process for every construction project in multiple view angles. Now, through developments in computer aided design technology, these technical drawings can be performed with higher accuracy in much less time.

    Advantages for Construction Drafting

    The primary advantages of CAD are the higher degree of accuracy and precision able to be achieved for technical drawings. Manual drawings previously created many errors, partly due to the lack of automation tools available for manual processes. With CAD programs, there are many convenient automation tools available to easily modify and alter existing CAD drawings for quick iterations and revisions. Another advantage is that CAD drawings can be exported to other formats to drive efficiency in communication across multidisciplinary teams.

    Different Types of CAD Software

    There are different distinctions among the types of CAD software used in the construction industry. There are 2D systems used for technical drawings, 2.5D systems used for simple CNC machining, and 3D systems used for complete volume and solid models. After 3D systems, construction firms may also utilize building information modeling which has also undergone equivalent positive changes through software improvements. All of these different types highlight the advantages of CAD.

    Advantages Regarding Documentation

    Computer aided design has the additional advantage of natively being an editable digital file with opportunities for easier documentation than manual drafts. Limited not just to the design and drafting process, computer aided design has the advantage of providing images and drawings which can be maintained and utilized across multiple teams, from engineering to marketing. Both 2D and 3D models can be rendered to demonstrate concepts in environmental settings, providing eye-catching graphics for stakeholder buy in. If any errors are discovered at any time, the native file can be updated quickly and revisions pushed out in a quick and efficient manner.

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