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Advantages of Smart CAD Drafting Services  

    What is Smart CAD Drafting and It’s Advantages?

    With more people working from home because of COVID-19, the need for stronger broadband and mobile services is a must in residential areas. Zapier reports that half of the American population or 51 percent have transitioned from working in the office to working in the comforts of their home. Global Workplace Analytics also estimates that 25-30% of the American workforce will work at home daily by the end of 2021. These reports mean that telecommunication companies and contractors need to step up their game and install more lasting rooftop and tower antennas to widen their broadband and mobile coverage and make it reliable for employees and businesses working from home. 

    Tested and Proven Professional CAD Drafting Services 

    One of the world’s leading Drafting Services Providers, CADSOURCING has done 1,000 antenna upgrades for big companies like Sprint and a couple of other projects for AT&T and Verizon. CADSOURCING’s smart CAD drafting services identifies the best options for working with rooftop antenna mounting. CADSourcing’s vast knowledge and experience in this field allows an in-depth and more accurate drafting of gravity mounts needed to secure the rooftop or tower antenna.

    Advantages of CADSourcing’s CAD Drafting Services

    You can work seamlessly with CADSourcing’s team of professional drafters with a project manager as your key point of contact. You can also save up on the cost of your projects as our services are outsourced in the Philippines to lower labor fee costs. The best part of it is the user-friendly cad drafting and design software that allows you to collaborate easily with our team. They will update you with the progress of your rooftop and tower antenna mounting drafts as soon as possible. And you can easily communicate any revisions with our project manager which is in the same timezone as you.

    CAD Drafting Services Process

    Our process involves three effective steps. First is we contact the client directly and discuss the scope of work to be done. Second is our CADSourcing technician completes the project with the aid of the project manager and third, the team leader reviews the project to make sure that quality and standards are met. We also follow the U.S. National CAD Standards as utilized by the American Institute of Architects. 

    Ready to ramp up your volumes? Let us be your solid solution in this time of crisis with smart cad drafting and design services from CADSOURCING. Call us now at 888.851.2047 or email us at for more details.

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