Advantages of Title: Having a CAD Manager Is A Must

Advantages of Title: Having a CAD Manager Is A Must

    What a CAD Manager Can Do To Help Your Business

    While CAD technology can assist in a wide variety of industries, it’s no easy feat to manage. If an engineer is not already well-versed in the program, they can spend a significant amount of time attempting to understand its inner workings. A great solution to this setback is to outsource your own CAD team, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business. The time wasted managing design data can be mitigated through having a CAD manager along with a CAD file management system.

    What is a CAD manager?

    CAD managers are usually critical members of design and engineering teams collaborating across multiple fields. Their role has been growing in influence along with the almost ubiquitous adoption of CAD software across most engineering related industries. Sometimes CAD managers are a combination of CAD drafter, IT department, and manager. Regardless of the specifics of the role, CAD managers primarily manage the staff, projects, sourcing, and functionality of the CAD software. In addition, they are the final approver for drawings, checking for accuracy and professional standards relevant to a particular project. A CAD manager vets everything from layering to annotations and font size.

    What is a CAD file manager?

    A CAD file management system is a way for engineers to easily be able to find CAD files and also collaborate with colleagues. By having both a CAD manager and a CAD file management system, engineers can reduce the amount of time spent sifting through files, dealing with the tedious process of renaming files and associated references, troubleshooting overwritten files due to collaboration, and maintaining manual spreadsheets which keep track of what parts are used in which subassemblies across multiple product lines. A CAD file management system is therefore a process as much as a business strategy for protecting intellectual property, improving productivity, and maintaining a repository of engineering history.

    How We Can Help

    Now that you understand the roles of a CAD manager, lets dive into some of their advantages.

    • Hiring the right person: We understand that the management of design is an important step in every business. By hiring a CAD manager who is solely focused on your projects, any problem can be identified and remedied before it interferes with your entire office.
    • Cost Savings: Investing in a CAD drafting team will save you time and money in the long-run. A CAD manager will be there to suggest new methods to getting tasks done, assist in implementing more efficient procedures, and ensure there are fewer errors at project completion.
    • Integrate Departments: When you hire a CAD manager, they can help you integrate proper design into every aspect of your business. When they collaborate with your IT team, they can suggest new cloud strategies and updated technology to streamline the work of your office.

    If you want to learn more about CAD management, CADSourcing has professional services which will help guide you on the best practices for incorporating a CAD manager as well as  hiring your own Offshore CAD Team that can give you your own CAD file management system. Contact us today to get started.

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