Resilience Radio "Creating a Virtual Business from Scratch" with Bryan Luoma

Bryan Luoma on Resilience “Creating Virtual Business From Scratch”

    Bryan Luoma On Interview With Kim Fields


    Ever wondered what it was like growing Cadsourcing from a 3 person term to over 60 people in 2018? In this interview with Kim Fields of Resilience Radio, Bryan Luoma, CEO and Founder of Cadsourcing, discusses some of the challenges he met along away and what he did to overcome them.


    “This was my first podcast interview and it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed talking to Kim a little bit about the journey of building up Cadsourcing. When Kim asked to talk to me about Cadsourcing I was humbled and wasnʼt sure how I was going to do but I told Kim the one thing I can talk about is Cadsourcing. I can talk for hours about it if someone want to listen!” Luckily the podcast is much shorter than that. Check out the podcast at the link below and if you like hearing similar stories from other entrepreneurs +bout how theyʼve overcome obstacles to achieve success in their companies subscribe to Resilience Radio.

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