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Building an International Community: Bryan Luoma on the ‘Be Real Show’

    Bryan Luoma And His Growing Business


    “In growing a global team, the key is you need to have somebody that can lead the charge for you, make decisions for you and somebody you can trust a 110%.Trust is a huge factor to grow a business and to have a great team” – Bryan Luoma.

    “The key in growing a global team is that you need to have somebody who can lead the charge for you, make decisions for you and somebody you can trust 110 percent. Trust is a huge factor in growing a business and in having a great team,” shared Bryan Luoma, founder and president of Cadsourcing, during his recent guest appearance on the “Be Real Show” podcast.


    On the show, Bryan shared his story on how he built Cadsourcing from the start into what it is today: a company that provides CAD drafting services across the globe.


    “We figured out that we had a product that people wanted. In the beginning, it was all about getting the operations side working so that we can provide a quality product for the client on time and on budget. We needed to up our game on the operations side and we focused on it. Once that was built, well, we now fill the pipeline,” said Bryan.


    Needless to say, one deals with tremendous pressure in growing a company. When asked by the host what Bryan’s biggest challenge was, Bryan responded that it was on “making things more efficient” in his business. Bryan explained that he is always on the lookout for ways on how to continually improve his company’s efficiency, trying to keep it lean.


    That said, the learning never stops for Bryan. He attends different active organizations and learns a lot from other businesses, mastering the different skills needed to manage the business. For him, there are more opportunities to come.


    “As the system gets better and better, we’ll get better and better,” he added.


    Cadsourcing as a company has grown leaps and bounds, all thanks to Bryan’s trust in his team. It is this trust—this sense of belief that his team can take things to the next level—that continues to bring about a positive transformation for the global company as it strives for efficiency and excellence.


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