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    When the pandemic came, the rise for the demands of faster telecommunication services to help connect people came easily even with the social distancing measures implemented throughout the world. Along with this, the innovation for faster internet connection is now within arm’s length. The new wireless standard is now the fifth generation mobile network also known as 5G; it is faster, more reliable and even more efficient. Small cell data sites will power these high speed networks in the future providing a smaller, more compact alternative than the tall cell towers we are used to. To adapt to this demand, it is imperative for many data carriers to find CAD drafting services for small cell data sites.

     CAD Design and Drafting Services for Small Cell Data Sites

    Small cells can be as small as a pizza box and will be installed from 10 meters up to 2 kilometers apart from each other instead of miles apart. These are low powered radio access nodes which operate in a wide spectrum. Small cell data sites will soon be everywhere, providing enormous amounts of data capacity. The sudden turn of events prompting installation of millions of small cell data sites will not be a problem for CADSourcing as it is well known for handling large scale projects under the pressure of quick turnarounds.

     CAD Services Near Me through a Cloud-Based Platform

    The project is gonna be easily accessible to all members of the team for on-the-spot alterations. Inputs on the details of the project can be provided and immediately addressed in a moment’s notice. And although your project is accessible through the cloud, data security and confidentiality are assured.  

     Save Money and Lower Your CAD Services Costs

    Outsourcing removes the need for additional office space and employee training, because there is no need to set up a CAD department which can be costly. By outsourcing CAD services, you don’t need to hire additional staff to work on your CAD design. If you outsource CAD services, you will get outputs from CAD designers from different time zones who can work around the clock.  

    CADsourcing currently leads the CAD small cell site market with a team of experts in the telecom service industry. Contact CADsourcing at 888.851.2047 or email to info@cadsourcing.com for more information.


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