Tahche and cadsourcing staff

Cadsourcing CEO has lunch with team leaders, members

    Cadsourcing Lunch Meeting

    by Jean Baclay 

    Assistant Project In Charge for Surveying Division 


    US-based Bryan Luoma, Cadsourcing’s CEO, makes it a priority to visit the Philippines annually. In response, these visits are something the company looks forward to every year, as employees get a chance to see the company’s chief executive officer in person, and enjoy the big events organized for his welcome.


    Aside from all the activities and events prepared for the CEO’s homecoming, (Luoma is part-Filipino), this year’s program included a “Meet and Greet with the CEO,” and this was to happen during lunch, with the team leaders as well. 


    The day came. The lunch venue was in Paolito’s STK ta Bai! at SM City Cebu. It was fun sharing food and conversations about life outside of work with the CEO.


    Cadsourcing and Tahche Dining together


    But kidding aside, one thing that stood out and stayed in our minds from that lunch was Bryan’s story about his childhood days in the Philippines. He started by describing how life was back then there in the Mindanao region, how the place was and most of all, how he was as a little kid. He shared how a dog protecting a pile of recently harvested rice bit him, and how he got his scar in his eyebrow. He shared with us some fun experiences that made everybody in the room laugh.


    After awhile, the discussion shifted to business. Bryan asked about some of the concerns of the drafters, and presented step-by-step solutions on how to deal with them. Of course, he couldn’t help but insert some jokes during the discussion, keeping everything light. Our CEO was a very down-to-earth person. After the lunch gathering, he stood and extended his arms and offered to shake everyone’s hands. He thanked all of us, but come to think of it, he was the one who treated us for lunch so we should be the one thanking him! But kidding aside, he thanked everyone for being present and wished everyone well. 

    Cadsourcing and Tahche Dining together


    Just before leaving, Bryan mentioned that he might be back during spring time—a season none of us would know about as there isn’t a spring season in the Philippines. Knowing this, Bryan shared another story of a time when he had a video call with team members in the Philippines during the fall in the US, and while he was on the calls, he was asked if all the trees in his place were dead, since they saw that there were no leaves on the trees!. Everyone laughed again! Everyone then said their goodbyes, already anticipating when the CEO would be back next time.

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