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Cadsourcing CEO visits Sisters of Mary School-Girlstown Inc.

    Bryan Luoma Visit Girlstown School

    By Therese Cuares 

    Sisters of Mary School Girlstown Student Trainee


    According to an entry in Cadsourcing’s official website, Drafting for the Next Generation, “Cadsourcing was formed with the vision of providing high-quality CAD drafting services at an affordable rate, without all the hassle usually associated with CAD outsourcing. [The company provides] CAD drafting for a variety of clients. Through a combination of efficient business processes and [its] global network of drafting offices, [Cadsourcing is] able to provide CAD services at a fraction of conventional rates. What separates Cadsourcing from others is [its] local presence in the US. Cadsourcing was founded by a licensed Civil Engineer in the United States who understands the needs of [its] clients.”


             Cadsourcing CEO Bryan Luoma said: “Through Cadsourcing, my ambition for the business was more than just an idea to make money. It was a fulfillment of a sense of duty to help my family in the Philippines and, if successful, help the entire community at the same time. I had a dream to start a business and ultimately felt that providing long standing meaningful jobs would be a greater benefit than any money I could handout.”


    Bryan Luoma congratulates young ladies


    Luoma is a man of his word and action. He gave students the chance to work as trainees for Cadsourcing. Fortunately, we, students from the Sisters of Mary School-Girlstown Inc. were given this great opportunity. Indeed, our school is blessed since it was selected to work with a company like Cadsourcing.


             It was a special day when Mr. Luoma visited the school last May 8. The chosen student-trainees, made up of senior high school students, prepared a warm welcome for the CEO and his other companions. We toured him in our school library and showed him the internet section as well. Observing Mr. Luoma, I could notice how he was very interested with how the school operated and what it stood for, as he frequently raised questions. Some of these were directed at the students. Some of the questions were directed to our school principal, Sr. Laresa Morasa, SM. Sr. Laresa gamely answered, providing insight how the school is run.


             After which, we toured the school’s workshop. The workshop serves as the venue for our technical and vocational training. We, students, have underwent some vocational work beforehand, molded and ready for our on-the-job training experience. As he went around, Mr. Luoma checked the workshop’s training guide and all its facilities, especially in the Autocad Laboratory, where he had a quick chat with our main trainer. To round up the tour of the workshop, Mr. Luoma, well pleased, offered an applause and asked us students: “Why did you choose Tahche?”


    Two young females studying computer drafting


    Everybody gave their positive response. Mr. Luoma replied with how he wished he could eventually call everyone as drafters in Cadsourcing, and shared how he had a lot of plans in store for us.

             Finally, after the serious tour of the workshop, we dropped by the bread and pastry bakery, and invited Mr. Luoma to partake of some snacks. He gladly accepted the offer, as he sat and took the time to talk with our school principal.


             That simple day was indeed, a very special one for us students of Sisters of Mary. Cadsourcing, had given us students much more than an opportunity for work, but a chance to dream for the future. Mr. Luoma’s visit gave us the encouragement to be a good drafter for a company like Cadsourcing.


    Bryan luoma and amylene sy distributing giveaways        

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