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Choosing the Right Company to Outsource Your CAD

    Perhaps the single most difficult part of outsourcing your CAD is choosing which company to work with. Below is a list of some of the most important factors to consider before moving forward with a CAD outsourcing project.

    Experience of Third-Party CAD Providers

    Ask questions about the third-party service provider’s experience with regard to the services you intend to outsource. Find out how many similar projects have been completed, other clients who they have worked for, and experience related to niche-specific projects. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions about the experience and training of the management team, project managers, and others involved in the outsourced work. Whether you decide to engage in short-term small contracts or larger, more long-term contracts, consider starting with an initial meeting including all parties involved to make sure that your goals will be achieved in the way you have in mind.

    Know Exactly What You Want From The Outsourcing Services

    Engage in an internal brainstorming process with stakeholders and management to find out what exactly you want to gain from outsourcing certain aspects of your business processes. Some considerations for outsourcing should include: the desire to free management time so you can focus on core internal operations, targeting the addition of specialized skills without the need for full-time recruitment, the reduction of overhead costs, mitigating workflow fluctuation, and many more factors. By analyzing what you hope to gain from outsourcing, you will have a more clear ability to define the scope of what you wish to accomplish when outsourcing — ensuring a more direct, streamlined process from start to finish.

    Review Work Samples

    Having the option to review work samples from third-party outsourcing entities is one of the best ways to ensure their quality conforms with your expectations. Sometimes confidentiality agreements may limit your ability to look at specific projects from other clients, which may leave you with more generic marketing samples. Despite the possibility of similar projects being held in confidence for the firm’s client, reviewing prototypes can offer a host of insight into the third-party’s capabilities. In a similar vein, do your best to discover turnaround time for deliverables, as this can often be a major obstacle to overcome when working with third parties overseas.

    How Will Intellectual Property Be Managed

    The most prudent advice in terms of Intellectual Property at stake would be to consult with your legal counsel prior to any engagements with a CAD outsourcing third-party. Ownership of Intellectual Property is an extremely complex and critical component for any business.

    Manage Your Risk By Starting Small

    If you are considering your first outsourced project, start with a small project so as to test the waters and find out what you are comfortable with and what can be improved upon when outsourcing for your business. CADSourcing understands the unique needs many businesses have when it comes to CAD services.

    Outsourcing standardized work is more likely to get you great results that are well tested in the market. Sometimes specialized tasks require a smaller provider who will have niche experience. Regardless of your needs, hiring CADSourcing offers seasoned expert oversight for your CAD outsourcing projects. To learn more about how CADSourcing can help you with your CAD, contact us today at (888) 251-2047 or online at

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