group of cadsourcing employees gathering in cinema

Cadsourcing goes to the movies

    Cadsourcing’s Movie Date

    by Leonamae Bucani

    Project in Charge in Architecture Division


    This was going to be the first-ever movie date we would be having in the company, and it was my first time to handle such an event. Of course, it amounted to a lot of pressure for the organizing group, especially to myself, as I consider myself more of an introvert and not very good at talking to other people. Because of this event, I had no choice but to step out of my comfort zone.


    Just a week before the agreed day for the movie date, there were challenges that came our way. One of these concerns was the number of attendees, as we still didn’t have the final number. Second, we needed to settle the payment, but of course, how could we settle that if we didn’t have the confirmed number of attendees yet? 


    Four days before the big day, another challenge came up: the Elite Cinema said that we needed to accommodate the 105 seats but we only had 81 attendees.We called the manager of the block screening of Elite Cinema to inform her about the attendees. You know the saying, “if there’s a will, there’s a way?” We moved heaven and earth to make the movie night happen. 


    Godzilla movie poster showing in robisons with cadsourcing logo


    One day before the event, everyone felt mixed emotions as we felt nervous. There were many “what-if’s” in mind; what if people couldn’t attend? But the organizing team needed to be optimistic, believing that everyone who confirmed will be attending the event. True enough, on the day of the movie date, June 2 at 4 p.m., people started claiming their tickets from me, and we made it through the night.


    It was a great experience for me that I will never forget. For one, we were very surprised about one guest that one of our teammates brought. We had thought that all of the guests invited would be life partners. Surprisingly, one of the drafters brought his mother along with him, maybe as belated Mother’s Day treat. I totally didn’t expect this, judging from his character! But kidding aside, I salute and respect him. 


    I really enjoyed the experience seeing everyone very comfortable with one another. I’m thankful to have had this opportunity to handle this kind of event—the heat and sweat just to go to the mall for the payment, riding a jeepney since I couldn’t take the taxi because of my motion sickness—it was worth it. 


    The event would never have been successful without the generosity of our CEO Bryan Luoma, the approval of our general manager Amylene Sy, the guidance of our HR manager Roxanne Fuentes, Jean Baclay for the support and Eunice for the ticket design. Thank you, everyone! Until the next movie date!

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