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Cadsourcing ignites ‘team spirit’ with Team Building 2019 event

    By Angelica Abadiano

    PM Assistant

    Cadsourcing Team Building Event

    Cadsourcing recently held its second annual Team Building event last May 6 at the Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort in Mactan, Cebu.


             Taking a break from a busy work schedule, the company provided an opportunity for its employees to make connections, engage and have fun. Formally kicking off the Team Building after a good lunch was a great way to start the event.


             Then to get everyone up and ready, the program proper began with an ice breaker. Everyone was divided into five groups namely, Yellow, Red, Blue, Peach and Lavender. Everyone then wore their team shirts in their respective colors.


    cadsourcing yellow team working together


    The game, called Amazing Race, tasked teams to build the “strongest, tallest and the brightest skyscraper” by the end of the activity. For the players to build a skyscraper, they needed to finish an obstacle course to get the materials needed in building it. Each team was given clue cards to analyze on how to accomplish the race and which course they needed to complete first. The teams were only given 40 minutes to finish the race. All the teams rose to the occasion, as each of them had their own strategies and ways on winning the game.


             After building the skyscraper, one representative of the team should present it to the judges and describe it as an add-on to the total score.


    Cadsourcing red team celebrating


    At the end of the day, Team Lavender won the game as it had the “strongest, tallest and the brightest skyscraper” compared to all the other teams’ skyscrapers. Despite this, everyone still acknowledged each others’ efforts and had fun giving it their all. Everyone was a winner.


             The Team Building was a really fun-filled day for everyone; a perfect summer outing at the beach, feeling the warmth of the sun. The event motivated Cadsourcing employees to perform at their best individually and as team players. Trust, cooperation and effective communication are keys to a team’s success, and that’s what everyone displayed.


    Bryan luoma with cadsourcing violet team

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