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Cadsourcing provides free training for staff

    Training Module offered by Cadsourcing

    Looking out for its employees’ welfare and future, Cadsourcing goes above and beyond regular company practice as it believes in consistently investing in its employees’ skills.


    When a staff member has not been assigned a current project, Cadsourcing offers particular training modules which staff can enroll themselves in. When a trainee has completed the assigned activities and required tasks, he or she is issued a Certificate of Completion which acknowledges their new skills. 


    Below are the following training modules offered by Cadsourcing:


    For Drafters:


    1. Black Ops Certification (certified by Cadsourcing)

    – A Black Ops-certified drafter is a highly skilled and cross-trained drafter across all divisions who has been trained in multiple disciplines. He, or she, is ready to take on multi-functional tasks for any project, and is ready to support Operations with any business need all throughout the year.


    – During this duration, interested drafters will be assigned to different projects and their work is evaluated based on the Black Ops Certification checklist. 



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    1. Skills Enhancement Training (certified by Cadsourcing)

    – Skills Enhancement Training is a series of courses that can be taken by the drafter in his or her own productive time since these are courses that have been recorded online. A Certificate of Completion (signed by the president/CEO and director of operations of Cadsourcing) will be awarded to whoever will finish a module assigned to him or her under the program.


    Ongoing modules: AutoCAD 2D, 3D Elevation; AutoCAD 3D Architectural Modeling; AutoCAD 2016 Essential Training; AutoCAD 2017 Essential Training; AutoCAD 2018 Essential Training; AutoCAD Civil 3D Topographic and Boundary Survey; AutoCAD Map 3D; AutoCAD Rendering; BIM Manager Managing AutoCAD MEP & AutoCAD Civil 3D; Civil 3D Essential Training; Revit 2018 Essential Training for MEP (Metric); Cross-Training General Drafting; Cross-Training Surveying; Cross-Training Architectural; and Cross-Training Telecoms.


    Amylene sy giving certificate to her young employee


    1. Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship Grant to deserving employees


    For Leaders (Managers, Team Leads, PICs): 


    1. Basic Supervisory Training Series

    – This training program is for potential leaders across Cadsourcing to fully equip them with the proper tools and skills for the responsibilities of becoming a manager, team lead, supervisor (PIC). This program runs for at least six months, inclusive of instructor led training and online training.


    Ongoing modules: Supervisor: Introduction to Supervision 1; Supervisor: Introduction to Supervision 2; Mentoring, Coaching, Counseling Skills; Supervisor Adaptive Coaching for Results; 


    Supervisor: Managing by the Metrics, Managing for Results; Supervisor Phase I Certification Exam; Psychometric Exam for Leaders; Handling Employee Complaints; Employee Management & Grievance Handling; Building and Leading a Team; Performance Management; Problem Solving and Decision Making (will be included in the Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Training); Continuous Improvement and Developing Self and Others; Planning, Organizing, Executing (will also be included in the Project Management module); Managing Reliability and Dependability; and Effective Communication.


    Cadsourcing staff received certificates


    1. Advanced Training for Leaders (Managers, Team Leads)

    – This training program is designed for managers and team leads for competence in the workplace. The program will run for at least six months to a year, depending on actual projects submitted and is inclusive of instructor led training and online training.


    Ongoing modules: Project Management; Lean Management; Lean Six Sigma; Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB); Minitab; and Finance for Non-Finance Personnel.

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