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Cadsourcing/Tahche partners with EyeTune for employees’ wellness

    Cadsourcing & Tahche in Partnership with Eyetune Optical

    It is important for us to take care of our eyesight as our vision is one of the most important senses that we need in this line of work. Most of all, our eyes play a crucial role in life, not only in helping us accomplish certain tasks but also in allowing us to see and appreciate how wonderful and beautiful life is.


    Cadsourcing/Tahche Outsourcing Services Inc. is a drafting company that provides CAD drafting services to its clients, and the team usually uses computer-aided design software to accomplish the tasks needed. The employees’ jobs aren’t easy, as they have to stare at computer screens for several hours almost every day. With an assignment like drafting which requires paying attention to detail, their eyes have to undergo a high level of strain and effort. They also have to focus on the screen, reacting to the changing of colors, images, contrast etc. These can cause major problems for everyone’s eyes. Seeing clearly and avoiding long-term eye damage is all part of maintaining overall eye health.


    With this in mind, Cadsourcing/Tahche Outsourcing Services provided optical loans for all its employees, offering them the option to settle the balance through payroll deductions. This was negotiated with EyeTune Optical, which gave different services and needs for its clients’ eye problems. EyeTune Optical offers eye refraction, prescribed eyeglasses—used to control the amount of refraction—and contact lenses. The clinic also has different eyeglasses that employees can choose from, and also offers eye health check up and vision therapy. These services are all part of the optical loan offered by Cadsourcing/Tahche for its team members.


    This is a wellness benefit for all the Cadsourcing/Tahche employees, covering all eye care routine and services of EyeTune Optical at a reduced cost.


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