Volleyball girls team and Basketball boys team

Cadsourcing & Tahche Outsourcing Held Its First Ever Sportsfest

    Cadsourcing and Tahche held First Sports fest

    In the spirit of camaraderie and fair play, Cadsourcing/ Tahche Outsourcing Services Incorporated kicked-off the opening of its first ever “Sports Fest” held last November 18 at the Dumlog Basketball Court, Talisay City, Cebu.


    Some 70 plus employees participated in this expectedly annual event. Teams namely Gray, Maroon and Blue for Boys and Blue and Gray for girls will be vying for the coveted top spot for volleyball and basketball.The competition run for five weeks, wherein games are held at the court every Sundays.


    The first day sets the fire to the games as it started with an initial competition on the team that will be lighting up the torch, Maroon Team took the opportunity to light the torch this year.


    The weekly activity usually starts with a prayer, stretching exercises and a sumptuous lunch was served to the participants.


    All the highs and lows with a little bit of drama mixed in were all present each week as every team competed with intensity and determination. Though, the spirit of fun and teamwork were never out of sight.


    The last day of  the event were highlighted with the Championship Games and ended with the traditional “Filipino Boodle Fight” or eating together in a long festive table covered with dark green banana leaves and enough food for all to eat. Indeed, a great time to end the weekly event showing camaraderie, brotherhood and equality.





    Basketball Boys: Gray Team

    Basketball Girls: Blue Team


    Volleyball Boys: Maroon Team

    Volleyball Girls: Gray Team


    Special Awards:


    1.) MBP – Mr. BasketBall Player- Telacas, Craig Detlef M.

    2.) MBP – Ms. Basketball Player- Espina, Judith P.

    3.) MVP – Ms. Volleyball Player- Alcalde, Milynjean E.

    4.) MVP – Mr. VolleyBall Player- Concepcion, Rodrigo O.

    5.) BSB – Best Shot Blocker- Telacas, Craig Detlef M.

    6.) MPS – Mr. Pure Shooter- Isok, Jhun Michael R.

    7.) MPP – Mr. Perfect Passer- Antig, Jayvee B.

    7.1) MPP – Ms. Perfect Passer- Rivera, Selene Ena B.

    8.) HSP – Hot Shot Player- Sabayton, Jason S.

    9.) BDD – Best Dynamite Defender- Sy, Amylene Cuyos

    10.) BCR – Best Court Runner- Sanchez, Junrey P.

    11.) MKP – Most Kill Player- Alcalde, Milynjean E.

    12.) MHP – Most Hustle Player- Lobrino, Jaymon John P.

    13.) MUP – Most Upset Player- Pinor, Elson A.

    14.) MAP – Best Scrapper Player- Sanchez, Junrey P.

    15.) BDP – Best Dribbler Player- Reponte, Jojie Kent O.

    16.) BSP – Best Setter Player- Sabayton, Jason S.

    17.) BSP – Best Server Player- Sabayton, Jason S.

    18.) Master Showman- Pinor, Elson A.


    two female sports teams


    Cadsourcing Mens basketball gray team champion


    Cadsourcing Mens Volleyball maroon team


    womens volleyball gray team


    womens volleyball blue team

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