Small Cell Data Sites

We have become very involved in the small cell deployment rush since early 2016 for several clients involved in the industry wide small cell deployment in various regions throughout the US. Each month we produce 100-200 small cell construction document sets for our clients.  Our team is fully immersed into the project and understand the industry standards for the work and what is required to get them done.  These clients came to Cadsourcing because of our experience in the telecom industry and our ability to scale up for large scale projects in small cell deployment. We have the staffing to complete these projects and the management team to make sure it is done smoothly and on schedule. Our staff has extensive experience in the telecom industry from site audits to construction docs we have the knowledge necessary to get the job done right the first time.

Small Cells

Small cells is a term used to describe an operator-controlled, low-powered radio access node, including those that function in both the licensed spectrum, plus those in the unlicensed carrier-grade Wi-Fi spectrum. The range for small cells can vary anywhere from a few meters up to many hundred meters. The small cell concept allows operators to manage advanced computing technology more smoothly. This benefit is gained because small cells work in tandem with their larger, macro cell tower predecessors that once dominated the cellular infrastructure regime. The network is brought closer to the end-user as small cells are placed in strategic locales, thus leading to increased signal efficiency and faster network speeds. Small cell networks are known as “heterogeneous” and they incorporate small cells such as metro, pico, enterprise, femto, relays, and macro cells.

Small cell implementation is proving to be more challenging and time consuming in the United States. Despite the many burdens inhibiting small cell integration, wireless carriers have accepted that they must continue with deployment throughout major U.S. cities to complete what you might call a beta test.


Computer-Aided Design

One thing is certain — small cells will be playing an ever-increasing function in the future of wireless cellular network infrastructure. If you are involved in the new era of small cell design or engineering, contact Cadsourcing to learn more about how we can help you optimize your projects. Our network of advanced technology allows us to help you expedite a concept to full production — yielding excellent results for you in seemingly impossible turnover scenarios.

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