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    Computer-Aided Drafting

    Computer-aided drafting or computer-aided design and drafting is nothing but the process of making a technical drawings with the use of a software. Earlier before the introduction of computers it was a tedious task as you had to physically draw all the details. Each time some correction was needed, which prolonged the whole process. Now, with the introduction of computers every other item’s design is first drafted using CADD. It began with the development of Sketchpad in the 1960’s which was the first ever Graphic User Interface and from then on it slowly developed through each decade and now each one of us has the power to develop new designs. The use of CAD drafting is prevalent in all phases of design process and across all industries be it construction, automotive, consumer goods, fashion to name a few. It has come to a point where nobody can ignore it.

    Advantages of computer-aided design and drawing

    It was not by fluke that CADD became so popular. There are numerous benefits of using CADD which led to its current state. Some of these advantages are as given below:

    • Less time needed to finish the design: With the advent of CADD the time taken to finish the design reduced significantly, as a result the projects were completed in record time and the efficiency of designers improved a lot.
    • Reduction in expenses: This happens naturally as a direct consequence of reduced design time and apart from that you can save a lot money as there is minimum infrastructural needs.
    • Various options to choose from: You get to choose from a lot of designs that is available which gives you a better picture of what you exactly need.
    • Bringing in changes is very easy: Earlier it took days for a designer make some changes if it was needed, but with the introduction of CADD it takes just minutes to make all the necessary modifications.
    • There is a lot of scope for creativity with the use of CADD as a result there is healthy competition among the various designers.

    Advantages of outsourcing Cad services to Philippines

    It has been a long time now since the Philippines has been challenging other countries for the first choice to outsource. The country has certain advantages over CAD drafting which is attracting a lot of companies towards them, such as:

    • It is culturally compatible with many western customs and tradition.
    • Filipinos grasp of the English language is exceptionally good.
    • It is located in a geographically strategic position.
    • The people there have a remarkable work ethic and a polite demeanor.
    • Their telecommunication infrastructure is the best in that region.
    • The Philippine government is very supportive to the BPO industry and has invested a lot of capital.
    • Their workforce if not better is equally skilled when compared to other countries

    So it is not surprising to see many companies especially from Australia and New Zealand go to Philippines for all their outsourcing needs.

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