Giving Back Podcast - “Itʼs good business to be good in business”

PODCAST: “Itʼs good business to be good in business”

    Bryan Luoma on Giving Back PODCAST

    “Itʼs good business to be good in business.” Thatʼs the philosophy of Bryan Luoma, CEO and Founder of Cadsourcing. When Rob Lowe, host of the Giving Back Podcast, spoke to Bryan about Cadsourcingʼs philosophy of working in the global community with integrity to effect positive social change across the globe he was excited to have him on his podcast.

    Rob speaks to leaders in the business world about how they are using their businesses to do good in the world. This was a perfect fit for Cadsourcing who has from the beginning emphasized service to the communities around it as part of core values.

    “This interview touched on my passion to build Cadsourcing as a force for good in the world.” said Bryan Luoma. “Iʼm really proud of the efforts weʼve made to help the communities we work in and Iʼm really excited about the plans we have for even bigger endeavors in the future.”

    Cadsourcing is part of the growing effort by businesses to focus on social benefits of their company and how that might also benefit the companyʼs bottom line.

    Cadsourcing has helped itʼs communities through internships, scholarships and fundraising at the Cebu Institute for Technology and Enterprise (CITE) and micro- loans for female entrepreneurs looking start or expand businesses as well as employee led volunteer efforts in the community and for employees in difficult circumstances.

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