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iCreateDailyPodcast with Bryan Luoma: “Create Systems to Scale”

    Bryan Luoma on iCreateDaily Podcast

    All businesses started really, really small. Many challenges and circumstances are faced everyday, but if you have the heart and passion, you can overcome everything.


    “We always had lofty aspirations.” ~Bryan Luoma. High aspirations inspire the people around you to help you grow the company stronger.

    Bryan Luoma, founder and CEO of Cadsourcing, LLC provides cad drafting services to design professionals, contractors & manufacturers. Bryan is also a successful entrepreneur and in this podcast shares some of his processes for building a company. When asked by Devani & LeAura on how he get into entrepreneur, Bryan answered, he has had this entrepreneurial spirit since he was little and this has inspired him to achieve his current success.


    Bryan wanted to do things outside the norm and because of that he created the concept of the “Cadgiving Initiative”. This refers not only to Cadsourcing’s commitment to service to clients and employees but also to the communities that they work in. “It’s an amazing experience for me and for my team to bring joy to the life of different people in need”.
    “My passion to help my family in the Philippines came from my mom who immigrated to the US over 40 years ago.”, this was the huge part of his passion as an entrepreneur.


    “As an entrepreneur you need to make a decision and move forward. If you’re going to be bold enough to make a decision, you’ve got to be bold enough to say that didn’t work. Most decisions are not meant to determine your actions forever. If it doesn’t work, you can always change it. Understanding this is the big key for the business to grow and improve. Be decisive, focus on what’s important, be able to say ‘no’ to distractions, always stay positive, and be optimistic.”


    Check out this podcast interview on of Bryan Luoma on the link below with Devani & LeAura.

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