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    Bryan Luoma On Terri Levine Radio Show

    “I’m literally going to go out and do this.” Bryan Luoma, Founder and CEO of Cadsourcing always had an entrepreneurial heart. When asked by Terri Levine, host of Heartrepreneur radio how Cadsourcing began, he said good things happen if you have a mindset of thinking big.


    Also, Terri was curious on how things work having people in the US and in the Philippines. Bryan told her that technology combined with a great trust with his people is the key. Trying to let his people be free and do as much as they can can shows a great strategy too.


    As to Bryan, “I’m a believer in workplace culture and treating your employees right, trusting them, and having that turnaround by having happier employees which means happier clients, which means they’re working harder.” One of our core values is diehard service, that not only means to the clients, but also to your fellow employee and also honesty and just giving to the community. We’ve focused on that and as a result, our employees are happier. Certainly, utilizing having  more than half of my team in the Philippines, some people might think, “Let’s squeeze all the value we can out of that workforce and try and increase profits that way.” My approach was, “Let’s treat them better than anyone else is treating them. As a result, be the place where people want to work and to not have to worry about turnover and have happy employees that are giving their all for the clients.” That’s what’s happened. We have our turnover rate that I’m very proud of that when I hear horror stories from other employers, I think we’re doing the right thing.


    Terri love the idea on how Bryan took the company name and concept and created CADgiving.

    It is getting people from a very conscious place of making a difference through the client family members they serve with their vendor partners, making a difference with their employees, and then doing something very socially conscious with their community. Cadsourcing wanted to get employees to get excited with the quarterly Cadgiving initiative and have a chance to spend time with elderly or less privileged from different facilities in the Philippines. It was certainly good for employees as much as the people we are visiting.


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