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Outsourcing Full Time CAD Drafters: The Way to Easy Profit

    CAD Outsourcing

    A considerable number of engineering and architectural firms are simply unable to continue supporting huge overhead and training costs of a draftsman working full time. The companies may not be able to maintain the huge quantity of work needed to justify hiring full time employees. Temporary spurts in demand are major drivers of engineering outsourcing. There is also the added headache of restricting the project and salary expenses to the minimum. The answer to all such problems is to outsource the work, or to put it more explicitly, take in a draftsman for hire. Contracting companies, which provide organization, innovative thinking and resources to support CAD services are known for satisfying all client requirements.

    Taking in an outsourced full time draftsman for hire makes for an excellent decision for companies which prefer to concentrate on core activities and technologies. It is frequently the ideal stepping ground to increase the capacity, minimize the costs and increase the flexibility of the company.


    There are a number of strategic benefits to outsourcing to full time CAD drafters. The list of benefits include greater profitability, increased shareholder value and performance.

    Engineering companies can concentrate on selection of equipment, schematic designs, meetings with architects and clients and administration of construction. The detailed drafting and engineering work can be outsourced to vendor companies.

    The comprehensive list of benefits include:

    • A greater focus on the core business by hiving off work of lesser or no value
    • Achieve higher efficiency with reduction of employment linked expenses and ancillary issues
    • Gaining access to skills in a number of fields
    • Gaining access to a skilled workforce with zero training expense. No money is spent on using the latest software and hardware
    • Increase in internal efficiencies and independence
    • Easier access to the latest technology
    • Noticeable reduction in lessening of management overheads and operational expenses

    Exploiting difference in currency values

    Draftsman hiring rates vary in different countries. This is dependent on currency values of the nations involved. Even as you factor in a whole lot of expenses like support services, quality assurance, management team, infrastructure, technology and a few unforeseen expenses, it is possible for you to make excellent savings when you outsource CAD drafting and other services.

    Cost of living

    Abundant technology and connectivity resources enable firms to outsource their CAD drafting work to more economical locations in a state or city. When the work is outsourced, the pricing is decreased as local resources are found to take less pay compared to his or her counterpart in the city where the company is headquartered.

    Exclusive operation

    Taking in a draftsman for hire does not merely mean cutting the expenses. When a project is outsourced, it is a said assumption that the professionals at other side have adequate experience. They are expected to possess the skills needed to do the work efficiently and quickly. The work done is invariably of very high quality. Outsourced personnel give a better performance and are more reliable.

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