Outsourcing Land Surveys: The Process and the Advantages

    Outsourcing Land Surveys

    With the change in government and the attitude of many private sector companies, many land survey drafting services previously done by the government or the client itself is presently being carried out by outsourced land surveying drafting services.

    Land surveying drafting has the goal to create a series of calculated survey locations on the construction ground. This will act as guide for improvements which will be done to the building site and follow plans made by the design professionals.

    Drafting services are an important component in any kind or size of construction project, big, medium or small. The service has potential to influence the deadline of any project, budget, design features and the allocation of resources. Outsourced land surveying drafting services companies routinely use map projections, geodetic principles, accurate positioning of alignments, and coordinate systems. GPS technology finds wide usage as well.

    The outsourcing process

    • The client asks the company to submit the expressions of interest and also the capability statements. Information required may include the resume of all the personnel involved, the kind of equipment available and their operators, their hourly rates and overall expenses based on relevant guides. The guides in question are prepared by the client.
    • All outsourced land surveying drafting services companies must bring their respective insurance, like the professional indemnity insurance and work cover or workers’ compensation. All occupational health needs must also be completely met.
    • All vendor companies must prepare Quality Plans for the work that may be offered to them
    • The client may give the vendor companies a few test jobs to assess their capabilities
    • Performance of outsourced land surveying services was assessed under the light of three parameters: quality, cost and time
    • Individual jobs must be separately quoted every time

    Advantages of outsourced drafting services

    With outsourced land surveying drafting services, there is no compromise between profitability and satisfaction. Vendor companies have engineers with talent. They can be called for a particular project or can even be contracted for a longer term business partnership. It is possible to scale up quickly and staff up effectively to meet any requirements at a fraction of the hiring costs. Clients can expect:

    • Savings of up to 60 percent of costs if done by their in-house team
    • No fluctuating demands of staff and zero professional headaches
    • No talent shortage
    • Zero time managing and training of staff
    • Boost to bottom lines without a compromise in quality

    The survey process

    The initial part of the process includes topographic surveys of the land. This helps professionals to make base plans. Once an alignment is established, The job of drafting service is to lay out the elevation and slope of various sub-grades, base and topcoat materials. The last part of the job is the smooth alignment coupled with smooth transitions. This is achieved with adequate straight and curved sections. This permits the space to safely transport people.

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