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    Six-month training at TESDA

    By Graham Lou Pastoriza, CITE Student Trainee



    It is important for a company like Cadsourcing to make sure that its team members are equipped with the needed skillsto efficiently and effectively execute tasks assigned to them. With this in mind, we underwent a six-month training program at Tesda (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) in Cebu City.


    During the duration of the program, the trainees, learned a lot— through discussions and hands-on activities. During our first month, we had our basic AutoCAD sessions. AutoCAD is a commercial computer-aided design and drafting software application. The Instructor taught us how to properly use AutoCAD. We were then assigned some activities to work on, as we were expected to apply all that we’ve learned during the discussions and training sessions.



    On the second month of our training, we experienced what it was to be like an architect for ourselves. During the discussions on architecture, we enjoyed the several exercises given by our instructor, Ryan Obligado. In his classes, we learned the skills needed for architectural drafting. He also tasked us with designing our own dream houses, which everybody had fun doing.


    CITI students orientation with Tahche staff


    For the next two months, we encountered, what we felt, was the hardest part of the training. It was taught by the Telecom Department, headed by Karl Matas. The training aimed to enhance our analytical thinking, and that month definitely gave us severe headaches. Fortunately, after a couple of weeks, we finally got the hang of it; we went through the activities and we were finally able to complete the work without any pressure at all.


    In our last month of training, we had a discussions on surveying that was handled by Dan Dumdum. He taught us the drafting skills necessary for survey projects. After his training, he gave us an exam to measure our capabilities as trainees. By the end of the training program, we definitely came out of the place more knowledgeable about our craft; and more confident, even when it comes to accomplishing some of the program’s exercises on our own.


    We are definitely thankful to Cadsourcing for the experience, and grateful that we had successfully completed our six-month training.


    Testa students received certificates from Tahche staff

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