Smart Strategies for Startups: Outsourcing CAD Design

    According to Entrepreneur, 46 percent of startups that fail because they run out of funds. Similarly, 80 percent  of startups fall flat by not seeing the projected ROI. When it comes to outsourcing CAD design, the right strategy needs to be set in place in order to get the most of your investment. 


    When beginning to outsource your CAD design, consider these strategies:

    • Scout for Third-party Service Providers That Specialize In a Particular Niche.


    Whether you are looking for freelancers or agencies, it’s important to find out their niche. CAD Design is a broad term and it can mean different sets of knowledge and skills for designing different types of products like clothing, telecommunications towers, gadgets, appliances and piping. Scout for CAD Design providers that meet your requirements by getting to know their past projects, speaking to their managers and not just their marketing and sales personnel to find out if they have the experience and capacity to deliver future projects. 

    • Know Their Standard and See If It Matches Yours.


    Depending on your industry, find out the standards you are looking for match the third-party service provider. Review Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) standards if you are in these types of industry and see if they meet the requirements. Whatever your field, it is important that all third-party CAD design providers follow the International Organizations for Standardization (ISO). The standards vary across countries and cultures as well, so gather the sufficient data and compare it against theirs. One way of simplifying your process for construction projects is by registering for the U.S. National CAD Standard (NCS) which will help you streamline CAD design data communicated among owners teams and service providers which could significantly reduce costs while gaining higher productivity.

    • See If You Can Communicate For Post-Project Enhancements.


    Post-production call the shots on the final product and there might be changes associated with your CAD design so the need for communication even after delivery of the third-party provider is a must. Identify outsourced CAD design staff that can provide info needed even after production and also any additional expenses needed to enhance the work. 

    • Establish Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements.


    Protect unpatented ideas and unique data that serves as an asset to the company signing non-disclosure agreements or keeping company sensitive info within your employees. If you plan to outsource CAD designers, always have a confidentiality agreement in place and discuss these between the third-party provider.

    • Determine Which Needs to be Kept In-house.


    Oftentimes, it’s best to keep data in-house especially it is the bread and butter of the organization. Determine what work needs to be done in-house and delegate the non-core tasks to outsourced CAD designers.

    • Get Regular Updates.


    Getting regular updates is what saves your projects from disaster. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t micro-managing. Getting regular updates determines the direction of your CAD project and allows you to guide the outsourced CAD designer for success. 


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