In-building Low Voltage System & Wi-Fi Installation Drafting Services

Effectively operating the power load behind buildings has become an increasingly challenging process. Connectivity is the key factor in our places of work. In order to optimize a building’s performance and connection, a properly configured low-voltage system is essential.

How It Works

In construction, low voltage systems include everything from telecom/IT network infrastructure to lighting control systems. In recent years, a stronger emphasis has been placed on low voltage power networks as an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in buildings. The systems connect through a telecom copper cable and fiber optic cable to support all other system communication. A building’s connectivity affects the efficiency of an entire business. Without a proper implementation strategy, the interconnected system will be completely thrown off.

Cadsourcing Solution

Cadsourcing is committed to staying on top of the latest technology advancements and implementing those developments into our client’s projects. We have provided drafting services for various in-building low voltage system installations including the first Wi-Fi system installations for the NYC subway system and security system upgrades for various school districts in California. Our long-held history of proper low-voltage integration has provided us with an immense amount of relevant experience in the field.

Our dedicated team can expediently manifest detailed electrical installation drawings throughout the design phase of your in-building low voltage systems. The foundation we employ for design is two-dimensional CAD — however, Cadsourcing has the ability to employ AutoCAD, three-dimensional CAD, and various other technologies to manage your design needs. Using full-scale CAD modeling, our team can develop a model of projects before implementation and groundbreaking begins. We work with your designers to help them complete their projects more efficiently, in turn allowing you to take on larger projects and complete them on time and on budget. We can help set up files for your iBwave design software or convert your design markups to construction documents utilizing your company standards.

For an expert look at the backbone to your business’ connectivity, Cadsourcing has the resources for you. Our professional services will seamlessly integrate in-building low voltage systems to keep your productivity up, and downtime to a minimum. Do not hesitate to learn more about how Cadsourcing can become an indispensable tool in your endeavor of project management and implementation. Reach out to our team today!


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