Professional CAD Services For Tower & Rooftop Antenna Installations

In today’s digital world, virtually every person is connected through wireless contact. Cadsourcing’s commitment to technology upgrades puts us at the forefront of digital communication. Our team started drafting in the telecom industry with 1,000 antenna upgrades for Sprint in 2011 and has not looked back since. The 4G/LTE upgrade from Sprint is known as the Network Vision upgrade. Since then, we’ve successfully handled the largest projects of antenna installations for numerous clients throughout the country for all the major carriers and project types.

How It Works

Without the proper installation experience, rooftop antenna mounting can become a tricky feat. Rooftop antennas can be installed through a gravity mount – placing hefty weights on either side of the antenna to ensure solid structure. This process does not puncture the roofing surface, but it adds a significant load to the building’s roof. Attaching an antenna to a building structure keeps cabling out of the way, making way for easy roof repairs and antenna upgrades. Attaching the antenna directly to the surface, puts less weight on the roof, but the process will, in turn, penetrate the roof. Cadsourcing will work with you to determine the best option for your project needs.

Cadsourcing Solution

Our ability to handle very large projects with quick turnarounds sets us apart from many outsourced drafting options. We have the experience and proven success with large projects to seamlessly work with your team and allow you to take on more sites and bigger projects than you previously thought possible. If you already have an existing roof installation or are in the process beginning an entirely new development, Cadsourcing has the expertise you’re looking for. Partnering with an industry professional like ours during major installation projects will save you time and money in the long run.

For professional CAD drafting service for tower and rooftop installations and upgrades, contact the experts at Cadsourcing. Our long-held history in outsourced CAD services gives us a level of expertise unmatched by any other. For more information on how our services could benefit your next project, contact us today!


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