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Telecom Site Construction

    Telecom Site Construction: What You Need to Know Before a Build

    Telecom site construction projects come in many different scopes and sizes. Whether it’s the telecom tower construction process, reinforcing or modifying existing ones, installing lines and antennas, or just performing routine maintenance on existing structures, there’s a lot that goes into ensuring a successful project. So, what do you need to know before you build?


    When planning any telecommunications site construction project, every phase of the project must be meticulously planned, from conception and design, through permitting, construction, and startup. Whether it’s a traditional macrocell tower, a newer microcell tower, in-building systems, telephone, radio, satellite, or internet technology – your site construction project may involve engineering, land surveying, regulatory, environmental, and zoning review to ensure compliance.


    The performance of any telecom system means having the right infrastructure in the right places. If it’s a new site construction project, a site must first be chosen, surveyed, and secured. The system designed before construction can take place to erect the physical structure of the site. For example, an in-building telecom site’s microcell tower can average hundreds of kilometers of telecommunications cabling that must be installed and managed properly to ensure the system operates as intended.


    Telecommunications with cellular phones and wireless data devices have become necessary components in the communications process for most organizations. Billions of dollars have been invested in telecom infrastructures to enable the best possible coverage. Most of those investments to date, however, have been for outdoor coverage. In-building cellular coverage, while rapidly increasing, is still far behind when it comes to fulfilling consumer demand due to availability and quality of service. Site construction projects that address the ever-growing need for microcell and in-building telecom systems, as well as traditional microcell, will surely help with the growth functionality, and reliability of telecom infrastructure.


    No matter what type of telecom site construction project your planning, the professionals at CADSourcing have the telecommunications experience to help you maximize your investment and ensure successful design implementation.

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