The 5G Surge, are you ready?

    5G technology is the newest innovation ready to shake the world with its debut because this year, 5G carrier networks are finally available and even stronger after a few unsuccessful attempts over the past few years. This year more and more 5G compatible devices are being born and are being made available in more cities. 


    So what does this mean and how will its insurgence affect us? Buckle up because here are few things you need to know about 5G technology.  


    What is 5G?  


    5G stands for fifth generation mobile network, it’s the newest wireless standard following 4G LTE connection, rumor has it that 5G seeks to replace 4G LTE. 


    This new generation promises speed which translates into faster connectivity and less latency which refers to the lag between online communications. Therefore, if 5G becomes available all around the world then there’ll be real time connectivity because of a faster internet connection.   


    However, 5G does not end here. More reports show that 5G goes beyond cellular network and is actually capable of connecting to a greater number of devices this means that it can power things like your refrigerator because this was what 5G was meant to do in the first place it was made to handle equipment used in the ordinary course of business like ATMs or farm equipment ready to be controlled remotely.  


    5G Upgrades with CADSourcing 


    Companies all around the globe are starting to develop their telecommunication services to accommodate this major change and CADSourcing has been there to support their needs.


    Companies such as Verizon, T Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint have all gone head on to meet the 5G innovation and the one who helped them with the needed upgrades to their telecommunication infrastructures is CADSourcing.  


    CADSourcing has drafting services for telecom specifically for small cell data and tower sites. Rooftop antenna installations and upgrades are also available for building low voltage systems, fiber optic route surveys and construction plans. 


    Let CADSourcing help you with telecom drafting services and experience the power of 5G. Contact CADSourcing at 888.851.2047 or email to to get a free quote.


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