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The Advantages of Outsourcing Your CAD Team

    Outsourcing is an option that you may have considered for many services. But have you ever considered starting your own Offshore Team? If not, you should do so now, for there are a number of benefits of doing this. CAD drawings play an important role in professions where 2D and 3D drawings with technical details and accuracy are required.

    Some of the benefits of outsourcing CAD services are professional, while others are monetary. Here are some of the benefits you can reap by outsourcing CAD drawings to an individual or an organization specializing in CAD.

    Increased Efficiency

    Deadlines are a part and parcel of your life, no matter what profession you are into. When you have a set of specifications based on which you are designing the CAD drawings in-house, you have to ensure that the specifications are all met. This can be time taking and may not let you move on to the next step of the project in time.

    But if you have outsourced the CAD drawings to a company or another professional, the time you set aside for making CAD drawings can be used for something else, perhaps something that cannot be outsourced. You can use it for other activities such as planning or getting a head start on the project, with activities like procurement of raw materials, logistics etc.

    Also, if you outsource the drawings to a company in a different time zone, the company will work when you are sleeping. By the time you are at office the next day, the designs may be ready and waiting for you.

    Full Range of Services

    If you start your offshore team, you get the full range of services they offer. There are different aspects of CAD drawings like 2D modeling, 3D modeling, life-like modeling, contractors models, architect models, etc. You can get all these from a single provider, and save on the costs and time you would have spent by doing them on your own.

    Reduced Costs

    When you outsource CAD drawings to a company elsewhere, you are actually paying according to the drawing you are getting done. For example, if it is a design of a small house, you just pay for the design. If you have an in-house designer, you have to pay a monthly salary to him or her, irrespective of the work he/she does, and also offer benefits, bonuses, incentives, etc. All these are additional costs that you can do away with if you outsource the CAD drawings.


    Let’s say that you own a firm where there the need for frequent CAD designing does not arise. Yet, you go ahead and hire an in house designer. Apart from the salary and other employee costs, you have to invest on space, software, equipment, all of them used only occasionally. On the other hand, if you outsource CAD services, you are saving on the costs. Also, the job might cost a lot cheaper when outsourced, as the company that you outsource the CAD drawings to does that on a full time basis.

    Hire the Best Talent Around

    With your budget constraints, you might not get access to the best talent in the industry. But a company that helps you to start your offshore team of Designers  might have the best resources and the best people from the industry.

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