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The Chris Voss Show with Bryan Luoma

    Bryam Luoma on Chris Voss Show

    “Trust is the most important key in starting any business,” said Cadsourcing founder and CEO Bryan Luoma on “The Chris Voss Show.”


    In the 90-minute podcast, Bryan shared his vision for the future of architecture and engineering in a global economy.


    “It was a lot of hard work when I started the team back in 2011. It was just me and a notebook! I hired our first couple of people, set up a website and started getting clients,” Bryan recalled when Chris asked how he grew his team into a “seven-figure business.”


    Cadsourcing utilizes its resources from various parts of the world. It has drafting services in the Philippines and project managers in the United States. Bryan, on describing “the second generation of outsourcing,” said: “We are doing outsourcing in a better way. We are improving the lives of the people we are working with by providing health insurance benefits; providing a positive workplace culture and trying to improve the communities that we work in.”


    On the future of employment in the fields of architecture and engineering in the US, Bryan believes that “a global economy” is “inevitable.”


    “Architecture and engineering firms will realize that they will want to increase their efficiency by working within the global economy. There will be global teams and these firms will be looking for talent all over the world and utilizing them to complete projects faster and more efficiently. Small and medium size companies want to increase their output and top line revenue; they will be able to compete with international companies, who already take advantage of this. This will have a positive impact in the world,” said Bryan.


    “Also, we can help countries like the Philippines, provide higher level of services and improve the situation of the communities we work in.”


    Check out the podcast at the link below and hear more inspiring interviews from other guests:


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