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U.S. Cadsourcing team holds annual retreat in Minnesota

    US Based Cadsourcing Annual Reatreat in Minnesota

    Taking the opportunity for rest and recreation, Cadsourcing team members based from the United States took the chance to gather for their annual company retreat last July 20 to 23.

    For this year, the company decided to hold its annual retreat in Minnesota. The state of Minnesota is known for its more than 10,000 lakes, the Mall of America and great outdoor activities. Minnesota is also the home state of Cadsourcing’s CEO, Bryan Luoma, who grew up on the “Iron Range” in Northern Minnesota.


    Bryan Luoma and Cadsourcing staff on a small boat


    Cadsourcing staff and their families from all over the U.S. took the time to meet and bond with each other over good food and fun activities. Business was also in order, as the company held it’s quarterly meeting and evaluated Cadsourcing’s plans for the future, and presented matters on how the company can improve moving forward.

    After tackling the items on the agenda, the team then took some time to visit and experience the local sights and sounds, plus, catch a Minnesota Twins baseball game against the New York Yankees!


    Cadsourcing staff and family on a baseball stadium


    “Make greatness happen, build great relationships along the way.” That’s the Cadsourcing motto. The company is glad that this belief is not only alive and well among its staff members but also among the great clients from around the world who Cadsourcing has done business with through all these years.


    Cheers to the great year that has passed, and a toast for future opportunities for good and new relationships for the next year!


    Bryan Luoma of Cadsourcing and his friend

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