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Work hard, play hard: Company’s ‘Havana Nights’ a hit

    Company’s ‘Havana Nights’ A Huge Hit

    by Helen Grace Elizaga Barreta 

    Sisters of Mary School Girlstown Student Trainee


    We get stressed with our work but we don’t have to let our day end with stress. We do something which make us feel more lively. American first lady Eleanor Roosevelt believed “the purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Thus, we don’t have to let our doubts stop us from seeking what we truly want. 


    Cadsourcing believes this and hosts an annual celebration that involves the whole team. These parties are celebrated with different themes but this year’s, however, had everybody hyped and excited: Havana Nights.


    Getting involved with Havana Nights was an entirely new experience. Although, I have been to several parties, this one was different. Everybody was on a different level of excitement, even if they were already tired from preparing for the party; getting crazy deciding on what to wear and thinking who will be crowned best-dressed that night. It was quite funny seeing and hearing everybody talking about the Havana Nights party; debating which department would do better during the games. All I could think to myself was… “can we pull this off? Were we going to impress the audience or not?” These questions played over my head but these did not stop me from exploring new ways to make sure the Havana Nights experience was going to be one for the books. 


    group of cadsourcing employees dancing


    Finally, the awaited night arrived. Havana Nights officially started. Sets of Filipino food and some drinks served. Everybody was in high spirits with their Havana-inspired costumes. The guests enjoyed the food and took the time eating, drinking and chatting with their colleagues at their respective tables. 


    Enjoying a feast

    Of course, the night’s program wouldn’t be complete without the different presentations. The drafters at Cadsourcing are not your ordinary drafters, as they also possess talents that go beyond the skill of drafting; talents that would soon become the highlight of the party. 


    The presentations started with a song number by a drafter who amazed the audience. The beautiful lyrics matched the voice and tone of the singer, which the audience found to be very soothing. After that, a series of dance numbers by the drafters from each shift, together with the student-trainees and on-the-job trainees, added to the lively atmosphere enjoyed by everyone in the Cadsourcing family. Finally, the program went on to crown the “Queen of the Night,” but the party didn’t quite end just yet. Everybody was busy hanging out with other colleagues for the rest of the night. 


    At the end of the day, this Havana Nights party taught everybody a lesson: People need to give themselves some time to enjoy, most especially with their teammates, as they strive to build and live a legacy.


    Bryan luoma having a speech on a beach conference


    Caring for family

    The Cadsourcing family, through this party, made the employees’ bonds stronger. Now, each member has it in them to know other members from the different departments. This makes the relationships in the office closer and stronger. And as a family, everybody also found the time to have some fun and enjoyment through showcasing and sharing their different talents to other “family members.” These discoveries led to something good. For instance, gifted Cadsourcing employees took their talents to a foundation like Everlasting Hope, a home for children cancer survivors. This initiative made the employees involved happy, knowing that by giving back to the community, they inspired other people to lend a helping hand, motivate, care, show concern and selfless love to their fellowmen.


    Indeed, the team accomplished something good. This leaves a mark in people’s hearts and minds. This is how Cadsourcing works: providing nothing less than “die-hard service.”


    cadsourcing employees gathering during their havana nights

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