Your Practical Guide to Outsourcing a CAD Specialist

    Does your human resources know CAD outsourcing inside out? CADSourcing understands that it’s not a one-size-fits-all when looking for the best outsourced CAD drafters who can perform the project according to your preferences and global standards. 


    Whether you have an in-house recruitment personnel or are banking on HR agencies to select the right CAD drafters for your industry specific project, CADSourcing specializes in the screening, acceptance, orientation and management of CAD specialists who can deliver the best results for your project. 


    Why Outsource to CAD Specialists?


    If you’re taking on more projects you can handle and need to speed up on your timeline, outsourcing CAD specialists is something to consider. Technically, CAD drafting takes up so much space in an office and with the social distancing measures, you will need to expand your office. You can expand virtually instead of having additional building costs through CAD outsourcing. Outsourcing also helps you save up on purchases and upgrades of CAD products and other operational costs because your outsourced CAD specialists will be using their own resources and working remotely when it comes to CAD design. 


    Freelance Sites Versus CAD Outsourcing Companies


    You might probably have heard of freelance sites such as UpWork with a pool of project-based to full-time CAD drafters. While these sites help generate job opportunities for professionals and provide a platform for hiring the candidates that fit the job preferences, there is still ambiguity left on the part of the employer in determining the right CAD specialists designed for their project. CAD outsourcing companies like CADSourcing remove that ambiguity by hiring talents that match your preferences through a tested and proven hiring process, so recruitment is faster and more accurate. Instead of just finding a platform with an abundant pool of CAD drafters, why not choose a CAD outsourcing company that will meet your preferences with less supervision?


    Outsourcing CAD Specialists with CADSourcing


    Most construction and manufacturing industries heavily rely on IT for tech operations and designs associated with their projects, however, they cannot deliver CAD designs the way CAD specialists do because of certain technical aspects such as 3D modeling and getting the right measurements for each dimension and things like piping that need in-depth knowledge and skill. At CADSourcing, these challenges are solved by hiring the best CAD specialists whether from their existing pool of talents or from fresh talent that has passed the screening and talent matching process. Aside from the screening process, CADSourcing is able to train and provide quality tools and techniques that will allow your CAD specialist to work with less interruptions and meet your deadlines and standards. The beauty of using CADSourcing resources is that you can do a quality check on the progress of your project through user-friendly CAD design communication apps that can be downloaded on your mobile app, so you can make changes to your project whenever and wherever. You are not just dealing with one person, but with like-minded individuals who will make your project flow a smooth one. 


    Let CADSourcing take you through the process of recruiting and managing your CAD specialist for your upcoming projects. Contact CADSourcing at 888.851.2047 or get in touch with us  via email:


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